is this the best face oil in australia?

Is this the best face oil in Australia?

See why they love it

5 Star Customer love

  • "Best face oil. I abdsolutely love this hemp face oil - my skin feels so nourished, without any clogging of pores as was often the issue with other face oils I used."

    Simone Soeters, 38

  • "Such a luxurious product and easily as good as oils 5 times the price. It sinks in immediately & moisturises for hours. My skin isn’t clogged & it has really helped with skin clarity. Such a great product that smells so good. Bonus!"

    Shalini Ananda, 40

  • "Best face product I've ever used. I love this face oil. I can't get enough of it. I've tried and tested and plethora of different products across my (almost!) 4 decades of living and this is far and away the product my skin responds best to. Within the first week of using it my skin looked and felt 5 years younger. It feels like literal skin food."

    Carly sare, 39

  • "I love this oil! It has been an absolute game changer for my skin. I've been using it for the last 4 months and it's made my skin feel amazing. I've always had terrible skin, with breakouts and hyperpigmention. I've lost track of all the different things I've tried to out to help my skin improve."

    Gabrielle, 32

  • "I've nearly finished my first bottle and need to buy some more. I love this product as an addition to my daily skincare regime. I use it with my AHA/PHA formulations, which can be a little drying, to add a top coat of moisturising barrier protection. It is also great under everyday makeup."

    Nu Dastaran, 41

  • "The days I put it on, everyone looks at me and tells me how good I look, which I find interesting that there's a noticeable difference that I look healthy with your oil on my face."

    Peter Butler, 50

choose khush mountain

Boutique, local, sustainable face oil

100% Australian Owned and made in Australian with Australian ingredients
All natural less is more. Completely natural, low interference ingredients.
Fast delivery Receive your item within a few short days - perfect for presents!

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