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When I discovered hemp products and terpenes, I was so excited. Both hemp and terpenes are untapped resources linked to relaxation, anxiety reduction, skin health, and anti-inflammation. That's why I created Khush Mountain. 

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What does 'Khush Mountain' mean?

My background is Indian, and 'Khush' means 'happiness' or 'joy.' Coincidentally, the Hindu Kush mountains are where some researchers think cannabis (and therefore, hemp) originated from. 

Why hemp?

Hemp is used in a variety of everyday products (protein powder, cosmetics, materials). The products on this website all contain hemp seed oil (different to hemp oil!). Hemp seeds don't contain any psychoactive elements.

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Why terpenes?

Terpenes are the compounds within plants that give them their unique scents. Think about how you feel when you inhale a bunch of lavender or fresh peppermint. That's the terpene effect. 

Interestingly, cannabis has over 200 terpenes - more than any other plant. 

Terpenes are linked to a range of health benefits. Certain terpenes are linked to relaxation and sleepiness (myrcene), whereas others are thought to be more energising (pinene).

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Hemp + terpenes = Khush Mountain 

Hemp seed oil is high quality and nutrient rich. And terpenes have exciting properties linked to a range of health benefits. 

So I wanted to blend them and create unique products like the Relax ingestible hemp seed oil tincture, or the Relief skin oil.

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100% Australian made 

Khush Mountain is an all Australian company, and all our products are made and sourced in Australia. 

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– Esha, Founder, Khush Mountain