Relief Hemp Seed Face Oil 30ml

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Hemp Face Oil 

This is superfood for your skin. The Relief Skin Loving Face Oil is a hemp seed face oil designed to love your skin and provide you with all-day moisture and glow...Some even call it 'the best face oil in Australia.'

It's under-your-skin moisture from day to night, with better absorption and longer lasting moisture than traditional face oils. A blend of pure Australian hemp seed oil, castor oil, and the terpene beta-caryophyllene, the Relief Face Oil is the very best of natural skin care. 

Relief Hemp Face Oil ingredients

Hemp seed oil 

  • High levels of omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids locks in hydration 
  • Anti-inflammatory and redness reducing 
  • Modulates skin oil production, reduces pore size, and can assist with acne
  • Humectant properties: draws in moisture to help maintain fresh looking skin

Castor oil 

  • Collagen boosting properties
  • Antibacterial and assists with unclogging pores 


  • Healing, anti-inflammatory effects
  • Reduces oxidative stress, a major contributing factor to wrinkles. 

Curious about beta-caryophyllene?

Hemp Face Oil: How to use

For best results, use a few drops of the Relief Hemp Face Oil morning and night. Hemp seed oil sinks in to the skin easily, and can be combined with your favourite moisturiser, serum, or other oil to enhance its moisturising, anti-ageing effects. 

30ml bottle.
Storage: Keep cool and away from sunlight. 

Bottled with MIRON violetglass

Your Khush Mountain purchase is packaged in MIRON violetglass, a one-of-a-kind biophotonic glass that protects products from harmful light, increases shelf life, and protects potency. 

Curious about hemp seed oil for your face?

Read about benefits of hemp seed oil and find out what really is the best face oil in Australia for glowing skin! 

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