Rapture Hemp Seed Intimacy Oil 100ml

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Bring some rapture in to your life with this multi-use, 100% natural massage and body oil. 

Premium Australian hemp seed oil is blended with sunflower, avocado and coconut oils to give you a deliciously moisturising experience for every part of the body. 

Perfect for:

  • sensual massage
  • self care
  • partnered intimacy
  • maintaining pH balance for sensitive parts of the body 

Made in Australia, this high-quality intimacy oil is pH neutral, 100% fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and free of alcohol, silicon, parabens and phthalates. 

How to use

Use on your own, with a partner, or after bathing to treat dryness anywhere on the body.

Apply any amount necessary to any part of the body to enhance pleasure and provide moisture. With all-natural ingredients, Rapture Intimacy oil can be used on every part of the body.   

100ml bottle. For external use only. 

Bottled with MIRON violetglass

Your Khush Mountain purchase is packaged in MIRON violetglass, a one-of-its-kind biophotonic glass that protects products from harmful light, increases shelf life, and protects potency. 

Find out more about thbenefits of hemp seed oil and the wonderful world of terpenes.

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